Storage Systems

Amgen (Dublin)

Located in Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin, Amgen is the world's largest independent biotechnology company. Storage Systems was awarded the contract to supply, commission and Install 3 Dexion Tornado Vertical Storage Machines.

The Dexion Tornado Storage Machines are installed in 3 different warehouse locations. (2 in the Cold Room Warehouse & 1 in Ambient Warehouse). The Cold Room machines are 8m high x 3m deep with 54 trays 4250mm wide. The Ambient warehouse machine is 9m high x 3m deep with 63 trays 3000mm wide. All Tornado machines are equipped with the latest safety features ensuring optimum safety in the use of the machines is achieved. The storage capacity of each machine is 770 tote boxes.


  • Tornado height 8m/9m
  • Tornado Width 3m/4.7m
  • Tornado Depth 3m
  • Tray Width 3m/4.3m
  • Tray Depth 820mm
  • Tray qty per Tornado 54 to 63
  • Storage Capacity per Machine 770 Tote Boxes
  • Controls by TC1100 Software package
  • Article & Order Management by TC2000