Storage Systems

Carbery Group (Cork)

Carbery, formerly known as Carbery Milk Products and based in Cork, is a leading producer of food ingredients, flavours, cheeses and alcohol. Established in 1965, they have outstanding experience and expertise in the dairy sector. Building on this, Carbery is now a key ingredients supplier to many food, beverage and nutritional products manufacturers. Dubliner cheese is just one of the well known branded cheeses manfactured by Carbery in Cork.

Storage Systems Ltd has completed a Dexion Deepstore Drive In Pallet Racking installation at Carbery in Ballineen County Cork. This installation consists of 2 blocks of Drive In Racking, each 40m long overall x 7m high each consisting of 25 lanes 1385mm clear entry between uprights with 4 carrying rail levels.

Each lane is capable of storing 10 pallets in the depth x 4 pallets in the height serviced by reach trucks. The installation is designed to accommodaaate 2,100 pallets and is complete with guide rails on each side of drive in racking lanes, pallet lead Ins to the front of all drive in carrying rails at each pallet postion in the height while column protectors are fitted to each exposed front upright to protect the racking structure from collision damage by forklift truck.

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