Storage Systems

Derry Refrigerated Transport

Carn Coldstore which is owned by Patrick Derry, Managing Director of Derry Refrigerated Transport. has recently opened it's new £9 million cold storage facility and transport depot, the first of its kind in Northern Ireland, at Carn Industrial Estate,Craigavon, Co. Armagh.This 52,000 sq ft warehouse facility is the tallest in Ireland standing at 17.5 metres high and will allow products to be stored from -25 to +5 degrees.

Storage Systems Limited has completed the Pallet Racking installation for this new warehouse facility. This installation comprises of 310 bays of Dexion conventional pallet racking 14m high x 2.3m and 3.3m wide beams x 1.1m deep with 6 beam levels for the storage of standard pallets serviced by conventional forklift trucks in 4 cold storage rooms within the warehouse. All exposed end of rows are fitted with end barriers to prevent forklift damage to racking frames. The total storage capacity of this Pallet Racking installation is 8,000 pallets.


  • 310 bays of Dexion standard wide aisle pallet racking
  • 14m high racking frames
  • 2.3m/3.3m wide bays
  • 1100mm deep racking frames to suit std pallets
  • 8,000 pallets stored
  • 4 coldrooms with temperature of -25 degrees to +5 degrees
  • all exposed end rows of pallet racking fitted with rack end barriers