Storage Systems

Dublin City University

Storage Systems Limited has completed a large installation of Compactus Manual Mobile Shelving at the O'Reilly Library in Dublin City University Glasnevin campus. This installation comprises of 1000 bays of mobile shelving fitted with 9 shelf levels for book storage.

All shelf levels are fitted with shelf backstops and sliding book ends to prevent books falling over and all side frames are steel perforated infill panels which totally enclose the uprights to prevent gaps between shelf and frame. To enhance operator safety all mobile bases are fitted with push button aisle locks to prevent aisle closing when an operator is present within the aisle.

Furthermore, all guide rails are installed in the concrete floor to eliminate the need for ramps and timber false floors which would be required with surface mounted guide rails.

A special feature of this installation is the energy saving integrated aisle lighting system. Each manual mobile rack has an overhead aisle light that when an specific aisle is open an overhead light is switched on in that aisle only.