Storage Systems

Garlanna Greeting Cards (Wicklow)

Garlanna is a unique greeting card design, publishing and distribution company. When Garlanna moved to a new warehouse in Rathnew Co. Wicklow they appointed Storage Systems Ltd to design and install a complete storage solution. Storage Systems installed 500 bays of Dexion HI-280 Shelving 2300mm high x 1000mm long x 600mm deep each fitted with 8 shelves with steel back panels and steel side panels throughout for the storage of small sized boxes.

50 bays of Longspan Racking 2300mm high x 600mm deep each fitted with 3 chipboard beam levels were installed for the storage of bulker awkward sized boxes. In addition, Dexion P-90 Pallet Racking is installed to accommodate palletised goods which are serviced by conventional fork-lift trucks. Overall, Garlanna were delighted with the storage solution installed by Storage Systems Limited.

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