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NUI Maynooth

NUI Maynooth have recently opened their new library extension to the John Paul II library, this new extension is 6,200 sqm and creates a total of over 10,000 sqm of library space. Storage Systems Ltd won a large contract to design supply and install Electronic mobile shelving for the new library building.

Compactus Dynamic Pro XTR mobile shelving is installed on 2 floor locations and is the showpiece within the new library. This is the largest Bruynzeel electronic mobile shelving installation in Europe with public access.

Price, Quality, Health and Safety were all important factor in winning this contract as students will be operating the mobile shelving system. All mobile bases are fitted with motion detectors, photocells and MCMS – Motor current monitoring system, if the light beam on the motion detector or photocell is broken by a student or an obstruction is in the aisle, all movement of bases is automatically stopped.

Other special features include a power save mode automatic shutdown system which turns the power off on the mobile system at the end of each day. The mobile shelving is complete with dual access control which allows the system to be operated from the front and back of each shelving row.The mobile shelving is finished in 6 mm clear glass decorative end panels.

In Addition 800 bays of Sysco library shelving was installed over the 2 floor locations as well. All bays are fitted with slotted open sides including steel infill panels ensuring no gaps are between shelf and frame. All shelf levels are fitted with sliding book supports and all end of rows of library shelving are fitted with label holders for ease of location of library books. All bays which are used for display and storage of journals are fitted with oak timber veneered top covers. The total storage capacity of this library shelving project is 400,000 library books.

One unique feature to this library shelving installation is the special ral colour of the library shelving which was chosen by the library and architect to match in with building decor and office furniture


  • 130% Increased storage capacity
  • 52,000 periodicals stored
  • 30,000 special collection books
  • 400,000 library books.
  • unique state of the art special safety features installed
  • largest Installation of Bruynzeel Electronic mobile shelving in Europe with public access

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