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C-WIS Warehouse Intelligence Systems

C-WIS is a software platform that helps stockholding companies to drive down costs, optimise processes and save time. 

With C-WIS you can carry out various complex calculations which include a multiple ABC analysis. With insight of your stock flow it’s possible to optimize the exact position of the different articles and capital binding vs. delivery accuracy, new working methods, choice of truck types, picking routines, storage methods etc.

The suggested improvements from a C-WIS analysis can be as simple as amending stock locations or change you’re buying patterns, which if done correctly can save both time and money.

C-WIS helps you obtain sustainable warehouse operation by:

  • Continuous monitoring of warehouse Key Performance Indicators
  • Maintaining high performance in routines and workflow
  • Maintaining an optimal stock level
  • Warning of changes in article behaviour
  • Delivering real data
  • Identifying bottlenecks

The C-WIS software is developed by Constructor Logistics AB, a member of Constructor Group, and the C-WIS Suite includes:



  • C-WIS Essential 
    The C-WIS Essential software is the core of the entire C-WIS Suite and can install individual and be supplemented with additional C-WIS modules afterwards. This software is developed to run in PC environment and use MySQL to communicate with other database sources, which make the software compatible with all existing WMS and ERP systems. C-WIS Essential is working with real data combined with additional business information and based on this the C-WIS Essential generates reports and simulation of the traffic pattern and activities into the warehouse.


  • C-WIS Designer 
    In the Designer Tool you create layouts and 2D/3D simulations for all kinds of equipment, financial data etc. You also setup the material flow and the way of working. This model of your existing or new warehouse can be operated with or without real data in order to find the optimal solution. The C-WIS Designer can be installed as standalone software, without any support of C-WIS Essential.
  • C-WIS Capital Optimisation 
    Working Capital Optimisation can easily save 20% in working capital tied up in the warehouse and at the same time increase the service level. C-WIS goes in and analyses the current WMS or ERP data, with the needed service degree as the driving force the working capital can then be optimized. The suggested measure is then easily given for each of the products in the warehouse.
  • C-WIS Import Tool
    The Import Tool is the part of the application where you create parameters/settings for data import and transfer your data into C-WIS. The import can be done automatically (scheduled) or manually initiated.

C-WIS is a simple to install software system that requires no costly upgrade or additional hardware investment. During the consultation and implementation phases your key staff will be trained on the functionality of C-WIS tools and the simplicity of operation.


Alternatively should you require our team to assist with this on a more long term basis this can be provided. As part of the licence agreement you will automatically receive any software upgrades.

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