Storage Systems

Compactus Dynamic XT

Use the Compactus® Dynamic XT mobile office cabinet system to create extra storage space or more work stations. Thanks to the userfriendly, ergonomic, electronic operation, the system is easy to use and effortlessly moved. Compactus® Dynamic XT offers all the advantages of Compactus® Original XT, but with the convenience of electronic control.


Effortless operation 

Just a light touch on the controller gives immediate access to the Compactus® Dynamic XT. Even with your hands full.


Protect your contents

Free movement, thanks to ‘soft start’ and ‘soft stop’ features, ensures that all content remain safely in place. Photocells detect any goods left behind in the aisle.


Feel safe

The Motor Current Monitoring System (MCMS) safeguards the safety of users. This feature ensures that the mobiles stop immediately if another user tries to move the system while a person is in the aisle. Compactus® Dynamic XT complies with international safety standards such as GS, CE, EN 15095 and IEC 60950.


Focus on space efficiency

  • Create space for extra work units, quiet zones, meeting rooms, or lounge areas.
  • Or almost double the storage capacity.

Focus on comfort and ergonomics

  • Effortless operation by ”One touch” controller which allows hands full operation.
  • Double-sided access makes the system highly accessible, which is ideal for shared storage and use in open offices.

Focus on design

  • The specially designed front panels and floor panels can be finished in different colours, materials and designs, to blend in with your office interior.
  • Use the lower version to increase a sense of openness.

Focus on safety

  • Motor Current Monitoring System.
  • Photo-electric cells.
  • Motion detection.
  • Passive safety
  • Complies with international safety standards such as GS, CE, EN 15095 and IEC 60950.

Focus on security

  • Floor lock to lock a block of mobiles.
  • Central lock - the whole cabinet system is locked in only one action.
  • Sliding doors, to lock a number of bays.
  • Roller front doors, to lock a single bay.
  • Lockers to create closed compartments.

Focus on protection

  • Vibration free movement by Soft start – soft stop.
  • Interface with safety and environmental systems.

Focus on quality and sustainability

  • High construction quality and perfect finish.
  • Complies with international quality standard RAL.
  • Produced according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Floor options

Profiled aluminium rails can be fixed:

  • In the concrete floor.
  • In a raised floor with LED lighting.
  • In a raised floor with an aluminium ramp for easy access.
  • In an computer floor.


  • Mobile base length: up to 6 meter.
  • Shelving  height: from 1194 up to 2874mm in 40 mm increments.
  • Shelf depths: 250, 270, 300, 320, 350, 370, 390, 400, 450  mm.

Load capacity

  • Maximum load per mobile base: 2.5 tons.
  • Maximum movable block weight: 30 tons.

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