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Dexion Adjustable Steel Shelving

With a huge range of applications, the Dexion standard shelving system can provide for all your hospital's storage room needs. Completely flexible and versatile, a full range of accessories and a smart construction method mean it can be adapted to suit your storage requirements whatever they may be.


Used for a huge variety of storage purposes, the Dexion standard shelving system is the most flexible and adaptable storage system for your storage rooms needs.Dexion standard shelving can be constructed as a traditional shelving system or built to high-rise specifications with floors between levels.


  • Flexible and versatile with variety of storage applications
  • Can be installed as an independent manually operated storage system or as part of a larger fully automated system
  • Can be built as traditional shelving system or as a high-rise multi-floored system


Designed using a smart construction technique based on a minimum number of components, the core of the system is uprights and shelves made of high-quality, pre-galvanised steel. The simple construction using the best possible materials high in quality and quick and easy to install. As the system does not require a lot of reinforcing cross bracing, the design allows the maximum storage for its depth.

  • Allows maximum storage for its depth
  • Built using pre-galvanised steel for a strong and high-quality system
  • Huge range of accessories provides adaptability

Dexion shelving has been proven to have metallic continuity, conclusively passing the DNV GL conductivity tests, making it suitable for the safe storage of ESD sensitive items.  Objects with a static charge will quickly dissipate their charge on bays when they are grounded due to the system’s low resistance to ground.

  • Passes DNV GL conductivity tests
  • Bays can safely store Electrical Sensitive Devices when in appropriate anti-static packaging and bays are grounded

Fully adaptable to requirements and with a number of construction and installation options, Dexion Shelving provides strong, durable and comprehensive storage for all your medical goods and ward items.

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