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Dexion Longspan Racking

Dexion Longspan Racking is an extremely versatile and cost effective way to store both small and large items. Longspan Racking is often used in General storage rooms, Technical services stores and Goods inwards areas in Hospitals. 


Longspan Racking comprises of three main components, Frames, Beams and chipboard Shelves or Decks. We offer a choice of steel or chipboard decking. Longspan Racking uses a simple design that makes installation and alteration very easy.  


Longspan Racking has no back bracing, so access to goods is possible from both sides of the Racking. Racking Frames are available from stock in heights of 2.0m, 2.5m, 3.0m and 4.0m and depths of 600mm and 900mm. The bolted Frames are very strong and easily repaired in the event of damage.


Beams are available from stock in sizes from 1350mm, 1800mm to 2400mm and are adjustable on a 50mm pitch. Beams are secured with steel locking pins to prevent accidental lifting or movement.



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