Storage Systems

Horizontal Carousel (HOCA)

Horizontal carousels are an excellent choice for large storage areas or where the building headroom is restricted. The horizontal storage system can accommodate large quantities of bulky goods, reducing picking times significantly.


Horizontal Carousels bring the goods to an operator quickly and ergonomically. Productivity can be boosted even further by connecting several machines to a single retrieval point. This means that an operator can pick from one carousel while other machines are rotating to be ready for the next pick.


Carousels can be equipped with pick-to-light systems that make batch-picking simple and fast for the operator.

  • Provides optimal horizontal and vertical space utilization.
  • Dimensioning allows goods of different sizes to be stored in a single system.
  • One operator can use several machines
  • The system offers a safe way to store and handle materials.
  • Integration with the warehouse logistics environment and the company's WMS is easy.
  • The system offers rapid, easy picking. Picking time can be only 15 seconds / line.
  • The HOCA system is user-friendly and safe.
  • Batch picking provides great efficiency.
  • Restocking is easy to automate.
  • Bay widths: 830 and 1010 mm 
  • Bay deptsh: 508 and 608 mm 
  • Bay heights: 1700-3900 mm 
  • Tray capacity: 100 kg 
  • Shelf division:  60 and 120 mm 
  • Bay capacity: 600 kg 
  • Total capacity: 40,000 kg maximum
  • Total widths: 1700 and 1900 mm 
  • Total length: 50 m  Maximum
  • Overall heights:  2150-4350 mm 
  • Electrical connection: 230 VAC, 400 VAC 
  • Motor output: 1.5 kW, 2.2 kW.

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