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Medical Records Mobile Shelving

The health care industry requires storage systems for everything from the archiving of patient records and X-rays to the preservation of medicines. Each health care organization has different requirements, dependent on capacity, accessibility and layout. Storage Systems offers customized health care storage systems that are ideal for pharmacies, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.


Our Bruynzeel’s space-saving health care storage systems can provide an organized solution. With Different size shelves available and centralized locking to close the entire system, our mobile systems are ideal for keeping files safe and secure.


Bruynzeel’s mobile shelving ensures better management of the archive of medical files and increased efficiency allowing for logical and efficient storage and cataloging of a growing number of daily files that need to be archived and staff members.. With the Dynamic Pro electronic system, you can even lock out users who don’t have the appropriate credentials to enter an aisle.


Our mobile shelving can be finished with a special antimicrobial powder coating. Ideal for the storage of objects that need to be protected against bacteria such as E.coli, MRSA, and Listeria, the antimicrobial powder coating gives extra protection against infection and minimizes the risk of cross-contamination.


The coating is not a substitute for proper cleaning procedures, but does give users the peace of mind that every step is being taken to promote a hygienic environment.

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