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Modu Med Hygieia Racking Systems

For a modular storage system that keeps items perfectly organised and accessible, our HTM71 racking units are exactly what healthcare organisations are looking for.


The Racking allows the baskets or trays to be inserted either horizontally, slanted or in a tilted position. Depending on where they are positioned, this makes it easier to access the items and ensure the HTM71 racking system remains adaptable to your environment.


HTM71 racking maximises vertical space, making the most of the available storage if there is limited room. It’s a strong and robust design that can easily stand up to the testing demands of life in the healthcare sector.


  • Modular racks with high flexibility
  • The entire system is made of powder-coated aluminum;
  • therefore, they can be cleaned with a variety of cleaning solutions
  • no open holes within the structure of the frames,
  • therefore all surfaces are accessible for cleaning

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We want to let you know that under the new COVID 19 restrictions Storage Systems Limited is deemed an ‘Essential Business’ and will be open for business as usual. Thank you for working with Storage Systems Limited and we remain as committed as ever to ensuring your success. We wish you, your colleagues and families the very best during these challenging times.

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