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The Bamer's OpenWall is an movable partition line of great versatility. It is a combined system with perfect solutions for the creation of multipurpose spaces.


The OpenWall intends to integrate in his midst, valuing it and profiting it by the several possibilities of layout and organization of space that allows.


In this way it ensures a perfect functionality in entrepreneurial environments, education or leisure. This movable system is composed of individually removable elements suspended by a single superior guide.


Each module affords sealing joints by pressure upper and lower, and aluminum profiles for concave/convex junction to favour a perfect acoustic insulation.


When it's closed, the OpenWall is perfectly level, with an only 35mm detachment of the floor and the ceiling.

Standard module is the base element of openwall line, filling all the partitions length that not include special modules. It's width varies bewteen 900mm and 1200mm long. The standard module is available in 92mm, 110mm and 130mm and allows the possibility of inclusion of a transparent wicket in anyone of the types as long as ti's in the 110mm thick line.


Pass Doors                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The Pass Door module structure is composed of steel tubes, aluminum rigid profiles and pillars of pressure from both sides. The entire structure is automatically set in motion through floor pivots. The Pass Door modules are single or double opening and width  opening on left or right. In the case of single doors the module whole width is 1200 ro 1300mm with a free passage vain of 825mmor 925mm. the double doors with 2400mm or 2600mm width to free passage vain of 1650mm or 1850mm. In either case the free maximum jamb to passage is 2100mm. 


Starter Module                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Starter module serves as a jamb for the partitions closing for this reason, is the only fixed partitions element. Its width varies bewteen 67 adn 120mm allowing the reduction of tis visual impact as much as possible, when the partition is completely shriveled. This module is available in in 92mm, 110mm and 130mm.


Multiple Pathways                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The intersections walls module include a small starter's module fixed on one or on both of his faces. The addition of this element intends to serve as a jamb to movable perpendicular walls to the module where it is inserted. The inclusion of this special module aims potentiate the OpenWalls use in situations where it is necessary to subdivide previously compartmentalized areas, this module is available in widths with varies between 900 and 1200mm


The modules of our OpenWall is built on a rigid steel structure and inseparable aluminum profiles available as solid wall, glass wall, solid with glass opening. Modules can be 900mm to 1200mm in width and 5000mm high having a total thickness of 92mm ,110mm or 130mm according to the intended and proper sound proofing to your need.


In all components, the sealing joint are flexible rubber applied at the contact points bewteen aluminium profiles. They are easily operated by a crank ensuring optimal pressure and contact pressure of 1500N. All modules are perfectly autonomus. Each one is suspended by one or two independent casters, respectively in the case of integrating a monodirectional of multidirectional system.


The structure is coated on both sides with panels in excellent quality finishes that go from smooth melamine to the naural wood sheet from steels coatings to the vinyl canvas or even glass. The coated panels are laible to be changed easily and quickly. The OpenWall has therefore an extraordinary adaptability to any environment in which it fills in from root or decorative chnges subsequent to its installation. 


Partition Size

  • max height 5m
  • width 900 to 1200mm

Single Door Size

  • 1200/825mm 1300/925mm

Double Door Size

  • 2400/1650mm 2600mm/1850mm


  • Panel 92mm 48dB
  • Panel 110mm 45dB
  • Panel 130mm 50dB

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