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The Slim Wall Partition System is characterized by this lightness and elegance.


The Joints between glasses, as it doesn’t need vertical elements, provide a continuous and clean vain.


This is the concept of cleaning, transparency, simplicity and elegance transferred to the work center of any office environment.


At Slim, Bamer appreciate total design applied to the technology to eliminate everything that is accessory and gets the essence.


  • Up to 3200mm for glazed modules
  • Up to 3000mm for opaque modules
  • Up to 3600mm on request depending on finish and consultation


  • 1000 or 500mm for opaque modules
  • For the glazes panels, it depends on the height, not exceeding the 2.70m2, 150mm minimum width

Manufacturing Tolerance

  • For Special parts manufactured + or – 3/1000

Mounting Tolerance

  • Floor and ceiling: + or – 10mm
  • On request: -10mm, + 15mm


  • Framed or unframed Glass
  • Solid or solid with Glass
  • Sliding Door Options
  • Full Height as standard


  • Glass: Clear, frosted, tinted vinyl manifestation
  • Solid : Wood veneer, melamine, fabric, painted and vinyl coated panels.


  • 64mm high by 42mm wide extruded aluminum profiles.
  • Opaque panels with extruded aluminium structural plumb.

Opaque Walls

  • Double panels: 16mm and 650kg/m3 wood particleboard, various finishes.
  • 20mm mineral wool panel insulation between panels.

Glass Walls

  • Frameless simple glass either 10 or 12mm


  • 42mm with chipboard coated
  • 10 or 12mm simple glass
  • 42mm aluminium with 6mm simple glass
  • 42mm aluminium with 6mm double glass

Sliding Doors

  • outer 10 or 12mm tempered simple glass
  • outer 42mm aluminium with 6mm tempered simple glass
  • outer 42mm aluminium with 6mm tempered double glazed
  • outer 42mm chipboard coated


  • Glazed panels Rw = 34dB
  • Opaque door Rw = 30dB


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