Storage Systems

RDS (Dublin)

The RDS Library & Archives has been part of the RDS since its foundation in 1731 and has a specific interest in the RDS philanthropic work programme areas of Arts, Agriculture, Science, Industry and Equestrianism..The Library holds the records of the RDS and a general library which contains over 100,000 volumes including over 4,000 relating to Ireland, many of them old and rare.

Storage Systems Limited supplied manual roller racking system to maximise the capacity in the collections storage area. RDS library chose Mobile shelving units, that are 2.3m high and 1m wide with shelves been tailored to the collection to minimise wasted space. With the overall length of the installation been 12m long, Each mobile base would be fitted with M3 Reduction Gear Drive System with a push button ailse lock. This enables a block load of 35,000kg’s to be moved in one operation when a force of 10kg’s is applied to the hand crank.

The total storage capacity is 600 linear metres of shelving housing over 24,000 library books.