Storage Systems

William Grant & Sons (Offaly)

William Grant & Sons is the third largest producer of Scotch Whiskey in the world and its Irish manufacturing plant is located in Tullamore Distrillery Co. Offaly. Storage Systems Limited has completed the fitout of a Dexion Tornado Storage Machine for Wiliam Grant in the Tullamore Distrillery. This storage machine is 9m high x 3m wide x 3m deep having 45 trays and opening height 900mm from floor.

The Tornado storage machine is fitted with optical load height control with working light inside the opening. Emergency STOP buttons on both sides with photocells safety lights for the elevator shaft and a belt driven system for the transfer of trays. With storage automation the Tornado can minimize the time that operator uses for moving inside the warehouse and searching for items. This means the Tornado will improve efficiency and thus pick more lines in the same time. Picking errors also significantly reduce when the machine brings the correct item to operator.

The picking opening is placed ergonomically in the correct height, so the picking is a pleasant process also when working longer hours. This means also improvements in the safety, when there is no more need for climbing after items.

For this installation TC2000 warehouse management software was used as it has flexible control of all warehouse activities and it supports batch picking. With TC2000 it is easy to connect printers, bar code readers or other devices into Tornado. Graphical view guides user and reports picking information directly to upper WMS if needed.